Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020

September 07, 2019, Post by: Shalik Ram

Welcome to Nepal, to celebrate visit Nepal 2020 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is announcing by Nepal Government and Nepal tourism board. We had done successfully organized to visit Nepal 1998 and Nepal tourism year 2011.  As the success of previously, Nepal Government would like to interact in Nepal culture more than now in the world and bring more tourist in Nepal.

Why should you visit Nepal?
Nepal is the top 10 countries to visit in the world. Best valued adventure destination in the world. Why shouldn’t visit Nepal! Here is a perfect natural beauty, sky touched Himalayas range, and eternal traditional cultures are spread all over the country. Peoples are more than kind and honest. Ruler villages and a locality of the Nepalese people can find in a mountain region. Some of the wildlife, National park, Mountain cold water for rafting.

What you can do in Nepal?

  • Trekking in Nepal,
  • Historical Tour,
  • Hiking in Nepal,
  • Cultural tour,
  • Festival tour,
  • Wildlife tour,
  • Bird watching tour,
  • Peak Climbing,
  • Mountain Climbing,
  • Rock Climbing,
  • Canyon
  • White water Rafting,
  • Paragliding,
  • Bungee Jump,
  • Mountain flight,
  • Fishing Tour,
  • Religious tour,
  • Spot tour,
  • Volunteer tour,
  • Casino Tour,
  • Smoking tour,
  • Bike tour,
  • Mountain Bike tour,
  • School Tour,
  • Collage mate tour

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